Want to Be a Part of the FIRE Movement?

Want to Be a Part of the FIRE Movement?

May 11, 2021

Many people want to retire early, which is why the FIRE movement has become so popular. FIRE is an acronym that stands for “financial independence, retire early.” If you want to retire early, you might be trying to make certain moves that will put you in a position to realize your dreams. However, it’s important to know this isn’t always the best move to make alone.

Retiring Early Isn’t Easy

Retiring early isn’t very easy to accomplish, and trying to retire too early in life could backfire. For example, you will find that most 401(k) plans are meant to pay out at a specific time. If you draw from your retirement savings account too early, then you’ll likely be losing out on a significant chunk of money. You also need to consider things such as social security.

Those who start drawing social security early will wind up getting checks for lower benefit amounts. This can wind up making it so that you will have less money to utilize each month. Retiring early can seem like a very solid idea, but you’ll probably wind up making it so that you’ll be living very frugally in your golden years. Deciding to retire even one decade early can put you in a very bad position.

You Limit Your Lifetime Earning Potential

You will also limit your lifetime earning potential when you retire too early as well. Most people make more money the older they get because they have worked up the company ladder or received other types of promotions. Working for as long as you can allows you to save more cash, and maximize your wealth potential. If you cut that short and start living off of your reduced savings or investments, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

The Decision Is Up to You

Of course, the decision of whether to try to retire early is entirely up to you. For some people, the allure of early retirement is powerful, and it might be something that you care more about than maximizing your wealth. Just be mindful of your finances and try to make a good decision for you and your family. You don’t want to suffer later in life because you decided to retire too early.

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